Should I wait for him for 5 weeks?

We met because of Tinder, just after he broke up. So the first time I met this guy, he likes me immediately I see, because it's very obvious. Just because I saw he likes me so I didn't care much about him, but then I can't help liking him more and more. The second time we date, he tries to kiss me but I stepped back, I wanted to kiss him but I don't know why I did that, but then we drank a lot and we still kissed and had a crazy night, and we slept. We meet 3 times in 3 weeks, because exam period comes and we are super busy.

He just broke up with his girlfriend, we I was with him, his girlfriend kept calling him. I mean, he was with her for years and because his girlfriend calls him too much and not independent anymore so he thinks it's not a healthy relationship so he ended, but well, his girlfriend (or ex) still keeps crushing his phone all the time. Sometimes he got really annoyed and shut down the phone and later when he turns it on, tens of missed calls were there.

And now we have to prepare for our crazy exams, both of us are at home. We live far and want to concentrate on exams, so we can't see each other in 5 weeks. The last time I see, he said something like, "see you in 5 weeks, send me messages, I don't want to make you to wait for me for 5 weeks, but.." I said I can wait a bit.

And then I haven't heard about him until now, it's been 5 days or so. I can see he always turns off him phone, he just turns it one for a few times a day (we really need to study a lot lol), maybe because he doesn't want to be controlled by his ex or just maybe he wants to concentrate, I don't know.

So should I wait for him? Or what should I do?

well we are both 25 now


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  • you should wait to see whether his a blessing or a lesson :)

    • I do nothing but just wait?

    • i understand but if he doesn't show interest move on darling

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  • Wait for him as you haven't really got time to be out dating and his ex being crazy isn't his fault