Told my friend I like her and doesn't text back?

I told her I really care about her and I like her today and she didn't respond she actually just read the message. I knew it was something I shoulda have told her in person and it came out of nowhere but I wasn't trying to push up on her I just felt that as us being friends regardless if you liked me back or not, I feel you should know if we're friends we shouldn't hide something like that right? Oh well ig I just lost a friend. What now? I'm not about to blow her phone up about it I just woulda liked a response regardless if it was something I wouldn't wanna hear or not


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  • It's Awkward now for her, So do not try to Press any more buttons, Let it go, For now anyways.
    If she is a True friend, She will speak to you about this. And if it ends up that she is trying to avoid you and the Sore Subject, Then consider her a Fair Weather Friend to the End.
    Good luck. xx


What Guys Said 1

  • She doesn't like you back. Good that you got to know sooner rather than later. Now on to the next girl!