How to change the subject with a crush?

So my crush who happens to have taken the same calc class as me over the summer in college is amazing! I've known her for many many years but up until now I have never felt attracted to her! Now I really am and the thing is... All we text about is math homework! I help her out on any problems she needs and what not but I wish I had something else to talk to her about! What is the best way to change the subject through text to get to know her better? Any suggestions for questions to ask her? Anything is appreciated!


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  • I am facing the same problem. But helpfully can tell you of a solution that worked for me a couple of times.

    Just be friendly and easy going.
    Start like, "Hey, what is the answer of that question, by the way, what's up with you?" Tag down clauses of personal life like this with "by the way" and you might end up talking with her about totally personal feelings. Just be brave, brother!


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