How do I tell if he likes me or not?

I started seeing this guy recently... the thing is... he didn't seem that interested till a friend of mine sent him a text asking for sex as a joke... so I won't lie, I went and had sex with him and I like him but I'm worried it's just about sex for him... He seems a little more interested now that we have had sex but at the same time, still a little distant... do I move forward with him and see how things go or back off? I haven't seen him in a week and we are supposed to hang out this weekend (I already said I just wanted to hang out and not have sex) which he's cool with (at least that's what he said) and so yeah, I'm just confused... I need feedback. advice on how to handle this all... I'm new to the whole sex in a relationship thing...


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  • Sounds like your good at it if he wants to lay you so much


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  • You are giving the guy mixed signals... you sleep with him and then say you want to hang but no sex?

    And why is your friend asking him for sex jokes? That is a crystal clear flirt on her part and not a good friend thing to do... It has just put her and sex in one thought for him...

    The only way you are going to know if the guy likes you or not now is if he starts making contact with you first and organising to catch up. If all the effort is on your part, then he (like the movie says) just ain't that into you.

    My advice would be to not have sex with a guy if you like him, until the relationship is more serious and exclusive! Good luck.

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