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My boyfriend of two years moved out a few weeks ago but we decided to still stay together and make it work he even left his TV computer and clothes. We got into a fight and last week he let me know that he's leaving for two weeks for a job to a different state. when I try to speak to him he told me he needs to be left alone so that's what I did, however for the past couple of days he has been messaging me cute puppy videos and nothing else... although I have responded to him he continues not to speak to me but just communicate in these cute videos? He is back next week... What do I do?


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  • Just make up, tell him how you feel and try to bury the hatchet.
    I think he wants to cheer you up with these puppy videos but doesn't feel like he could talk to you after what happened.


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  • Are you guys broken up or not? Cute puppy videos are not anything but you being counted on playing these videos because they are cute. :)


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