My upcoming prom is becoming a nightmare for me, and I'm feeling manipulated, what should I do?

I am a high school senior and prom is coming up very soon. I was originally going to go with this girl who I've been friends with for a while. There was no promposal, we just decided informally to go.
I have another separate group of friends sho wanted me to go in their group (the girl I was originally going to go to prom with is not part of this group). When a member of that ground of friend heard that I was going with this girl, he texted her and said that if she and I went together, it would mess up the table and it wouldn't be a good idea. So now this girl and I are not going together because she does not want to feel like she is messing prom up for others. This is all totally stupid- the guy who texted her completely messed up prom for both of us and prevented this girl and I from going. I feel very manipulated and I've been feeling very upset about this lately. Now I have to go to prom with this stupid guy and a few other friends. This is now getting annoying becasue what was a group of friends now seems to be boiling down into dates. Of course the girls of the group want to go as dates, which means I get stuck going as a "date" with this girl that I have absolutely no interest in.
Also, my x-girlfriend in going to be at prom with her boyfriend. I have been struggling with her for the past several months, and I still get a little emotional sometimes if I see her in the hall or something- so that is going to be loads of fun lol. Now she has another BF- so that make me feel like crap also.
Today, the girl that I was gonna go to prom with told me that she was not upset anymore that we weren't going to prom. so pretty much I'm the only one that is upset, and no one cares. I honestly feel terrible about myself, and I know this is like "well that's what your classic teenager says when their upset" but I feel sort of unloved by all my friends and that no one really cares right now.

Does anyone have some advice on how to deal with this?


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  • I seriously believe that you're complaining only for the sake of complaining.


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  • The girl you originally planned on going with and wanted to go with, is she already going with someone else or is she still available?
    Don't ditch her, you can figure out something with the table settings.
    Don't let your buddys ruin your plans with this other girl, it probably means more to her than she's letting on, and it sounds like you really wanted to go with her too. If it's that there's not enough room at the table your group of friends are at, and arrangements can't be made, just plan on moving a chair and place setting from the table your date is going to be at and make it work. Where there's a will there's a way... It's not like you're going to end up spending much time at the table anyway, from the two proms I've been to I seem to recall that there was a LOT of people wandering around, mingling, taking pictures, visiting other tables, etc. all through the entire dinner part of it. Hell, I don't think everyone even ate there, some people show up late, others just aren't interested in the food. Before long everyone's going to be up dancing and partying anyway and the tables will be wide open. Don't take it too seriously or stress about it.

    Have fun, go with the girl who YOU want to go with... This is your prom, you only get one (of your own, that is...), so do it your way and don't have regrets later.

  • How could you let a random guy tell you you couldn't go with her? It was none of his business. Dude, pull up your pants and go ask that girl again like originally planned and fuck this other guy. If he is not happy, he doesn't have to go to prom. Fuck this guy.

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