Girls, On dating websites, when is the best time to message a woman?

Give me specific a time (morning, afternoon, night) of the day or day of the week of when to message them.

I messaged 10 women a day. I don't say the same thing to them. I be different. I'll be lucky if I get only one to message me and then they stopped messaging me. Sometimes, I get the feeling that I'm just not attractive.

I know women have lives and they have things to do with their time but I also know they be on their cell phone and they treat it like it's their child.

Sorry about my rant but I'm just getting frustrated.


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  • That is exactly how dating sites work in my experience. It is the same as approaching complete strangers, not all are going to be attracted to you too and a lot of people do not put that much effort online, they have no commitment or obligation to continue messaging. It takes a lot of attempts online before people find someone, you just have to keep trying.

  • You need to relax. Most people use dating sites casually, and based on internet usage data are more likely to visit the site in the evening.

    Just because you message someone, doesn't mean that they're going to reciprocate your interest. You aren't owed anyone's time for giving them yours. The sooner you realize this the better.

    • Ok I'll just stay single

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    • Women don't feel insignificant but you don't hear me though

    • Everyone in the world is insignificant. And do you know every woman in the world to be able to make that claim?