Should iniate contact again?

Hi everyone!! :)
So, I met this guy at my previous job a few months ago. We became friends and I added him on facebook. Everything was going great. Everytime I sent him a message he would text back (but he never started a convo...)
Three weeks ago I sent him a message but he never replied to me since. I know that I came to hard because:
1. I gave him my numbrer and he never texted me on my cellphone.
2. I once asked him to go out but he said that he was busy with school.
3. I guess I looked too clingy with my facebook messages.

Anyway, I've been trying to keep myself busy and stuff. I haven't seen him for like a month because our job closed. I do want to be friends with him because he was chill and we had great face to face conversations.
My question is : Would it be a good or bad idea to start communicating with him again? If good, what should I say? If not, should I delete his facebook?

Thanks !! :D


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  • No. I would not have even texted him first, I would have waited for him. Now you texted him, asked him out and sent him a message on fb and he has yet to initiate contact. You also cannot force friendship, that is something that happens naturally and he will not believe that is all you want anyways. I would let it go, he does not seem interested and all of these messages without anything back is not a good sign but a clear sign! Stop messaging!! You might be coming across as desperate.

    • alright thanks for the reply!!!
      Am I better off deleting him?

    • Yeah, I do that if I am too tempted to keep trying. At this point I have pretty good self control but I still delete people just so it is not even an option that crosses my mind. It is always a good idea.

  • I'd delete him. You've expressed interest in being friends and connecting but he apparently isn't interested. Save your dignity.

  • Don't initiate any more communication. It sounds like the guy isn't interested.
    If he's busy or something, he'll get back to you. But otherwise, don't text him again.