Do you think this plan would work? Have you done it before?

I went to a resteraunt for my birthday and the guy who served us was cute, sweet and charming. To describe his face, he had a couple acne spots and chipped teeth but his charm shown through that. When he came to check on us he would say happy birthday multiple times and smile at me. His eyes squinted and he gave this big smile with his chipped teeth when he was told that it was my birthday which made me really think he was cute. I'm guessing this guy was an adult because he had a hand tattoo. I'm only 17 but next year I would be 18, so I was thinking about going there again and asking for his number when I'm of legal age. I don't know how I would go about that without it being awkward though but I hope he doesn't quit. I'm also currently talking to a guy my own age and if everything works out then we might end up dating :/.
Please tell me your opinions :)


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  • Couldn't hurt to try, he would flattered I bet


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  • i mean try to go there when ever you can to see if he'll actually talk to you or start the convo but yeah definitely wait until you are 18 to officially start giving him your number. but be careful around older guys some of them are dangerous and they will do anything to get what you want cuz i don't think you officially know him but good luck

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