Should I move in with him?

My "ex" from last year and I started hanging out again, and we're sorta bestfriends, sorta friends with benefits and sorta like each other.
So on Saturday, he asked me if I wanted to move in with him. And I said YEEES.
Later that night, I asked him what was going on with me and him, and he said that first of all he thinks we fits better as friends, and second of all he has to think about his lifegoals, and a girlfriend will stand in the way of that.
I know I know, he friendzoned me. He was all kissing me and holding my hand last week, then he asked me to move in and now he friendzoned me. Anyways, he calls me every day to talk about the appartments he has found and all.
But I am just feeling sick. I hope all day that he doesn't call, and I feel awful.

I don't want to be his move-in-buddy. A buddy he can brofist and be cool around.
I want to be his girlfriend.
Is it a bad idea to move in together?


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  • If you're questioning whether you should move in with him, don't. If you were ready you would just know it and not have doubts.


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  • No, you shouldn't move in with him.


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  • he friend zoned you because you are his ex. I personally think he's​ still into you and don't wanna loose you, but he also don't wanna screw up life goals. maybe he's just confused and asking you to stay with him so that he gets time to figure it out.

    • Maybe.. that was a nice comment, thank you :) I know he loves me as a friend, but for some reason that still hurts me, it stings every time I see him, I feel so rejected..

  • How good is the Sex?


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