I can't do it! please help?

so there is this girl who i know likes almost for certain, i have her number through a group that her cousine (my best friend) set up for his birthday, she knows that i do but i just dont have the balls to text her. should I? if so when? what should I say?


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  • You should go text her, text her before its too late

    • and say what?

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    • i think ill do that but what if i'm just overlooking thing and she doesn't like me

    • Well, if you're not going to do anything, of course that "What if she doesn't like me" feel will forever haunt you, so its better to just ask her and see what happens. If she doesn't like you then at least you know the answer to your question, but no worries bro, you're still 13 you still got a lot of time ahead of you ;) good luck!

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  • You should. You can do it.


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