Should I continue seeing a guy who says he isn't ready for a relationship? (Details inside)?

I've known him for a month. We talked for a week before we met (online) and then met up. We got along nicely, and because I was at school during the time I could only see him in the weekend. So the previous weekends I have seen him. I went to a band show of his, I slept over at his place two nights (but I went home in between for the day) and we did not have sex. During this time, it was the second week we knew each other, and he told me straight up he is a relationship person but he is not ready for a relationship (the commitment, and he said the suspicions and risk of heartbreak since he was cheated on before by his long term girlfriend.. About a year ago). Then a week ago we had sex. We haven't seen each other since then, I was at school and he worked. He still is saying he isn't ready for a relationship but is open and wants to try to continue seeing each other and is open to it becoming more BUT he said he doesn't want to hurt me, and he is open to seeing others.

What at would you do? I want a relationship but I am willing to wait and/or get to know him better... But would I be wasting my time and heart?


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  • If your fine with taking it slow and like him that sure keep seeing him. I would make sure that he isn't seeing other people and tell him your not... if you want to be exclusive.


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  • Do exactly what he is doing and play the field. If he's not going to be 100% committed to you, then you don't have to be 100% committed to him. Besides, guys know instantly when they like a girl. So for the right girl, his fears of commitment and being hurt will fade away.

    • What do you mean by guys knowing instantly when they like a girl?

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    • @askuser sorry for just now replying. Basically what I mean is that when it comes to guys, they know within the first few seconds of meeting you whether they like you or not. There's not this big debate going on in their head.

    • @misstalia_95 That's what I think too! And from there on out, I feel like guys see what they want to see. The girl he decides he likes can do no wrong in his eyes, while the other girl never really had a chance to begin with.

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