Is It Normal To Feel Like You'll Never Be Married Even If You Want To?

Just went through a break up a month ago. Have never really had a lot of boyfriends. I'm 28 and I'm scared I'll never find the one even though I want to. I don't get approached a lot and all the guys I like have a girlfriend so I end up not even pursuing it. The other part is, no matter how much I try to picture getting married, married life, kids... I actually physically cannot do it. I can't see myself married to anyone ever at all.

Not necessarily looking for a pity party. Just wondering if anyone else feels the same and why. Is it normal to feel like, no matter how much you want it, no one will marry you ever?

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  • Never say never. What some people take for granted are other people's miracles. And well I believe in miracles myself


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