Should I try to put effort in for him or should I just let him go?

I was dating this guy for about 3 months and now I'm not sure what we're doing... he says we're dating but I'm not sure.
He used to put in a lot of effort but as weeks went by it got less and less until now he does nothing. about a month ago he said he stopped because I wasn't reciprocating (which was true) and he thought I didn't think it was good enough because of something I said which was taken out of context (but I think that has been cleared up). it's very hard for me to open up and be affectionate etc. but once he said that I tried to do more. but even after I tried, he still continued to not try anymore and I didn't really see the point in me trying so I stopped to.
He says he likes me and wants to date me but doesn't want to put effort in pursuing me because he doesn't see the point since he's always gotten girls without trying. (to me, that means that he doesn't really like me that much). apparently I'm the first girl he actually actively pursued.
Right now we're in this limbo, I think, because I'm waiting for him to do something and he is waiting for me to do something (we're both very stubborn). I'm finding it hard to try (even by asking him to hang out) because since he stopped putting in effort I've thought that he is no longer interested and because he hasn't changed anything I still feel that way even though he says otherwise. How can I try with someone who acts like he doesn't like me? I've asked him what he wants and he said his interest and want he wants hasn't change since our first date and that the only thing that's changed is his efforts. I haven't seen him in about 2 weeks and we haven't spoken that much.

I don't know what to do now. Do I let this one go or do I put effort in anyway even though I'm doubting he's interest in me?

haven't spoken for a few days and just found out he recently made a profile on a dating app


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  • If you want him then ask him out. You admitted that you didn't put in any effort, so fix it.


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  • It's quite Clear here, dear, He is Not into A Real Relationship With... You or Anyone.
    Now, He has 'Recently made a profile on a dating app,' And his Houdini Disappearing Acts Should also Show that Joe.. Is Not Boyfriend Man Made Material.
    You have put Enough Effort into this No End Dead End with this Guy with no Try. It's time to Move on and find Someone More Deserving who you can Rely on and Trust and Who wants What you Want... Something Special.
    No Matter what Malarkey he tries to Feed you, Don't Bite.. There will always be a Fight.
    From where I am sitting, The only "Efforts" He Has is to Keep you around for a Convenient Girl whenever he Is... Interested.
    He is right Though.. Nothing has changed since the First date.
    God luck. xx

  • He lost his interest. Let it go.

    • but he says he hasn't

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