Guy with girlfriend, how messed up the situation really is?

I met this guy at a pool party last weekend and we hitted off right away.
We talked then we played beerpong a couple of times and we got so drunk we made out in the restrooms and in the pool (just made out).
Then a friend told me he had a girlfriend. It felt so wrong and it even felt worse when he continued to talk to me after that night. He said he was having problems with his girlfriend and he said that it was almost over.
He is best friend with one of my best friends sister, and friend of my other best friend. Only the people at the party (like 10 people) saw us.
Now my friend's sister just told me he broke up with his girlfriend, as well as my other friend.
He asked me out, we are going out on Friday night, he hasn't said anything about his girlfriend.
It is very wrong that I really wanna go out with him? My friend's sister told me that he is really intense with his feelings and that he really likes me. I have no idea what I'm in for or what he wants.
Is the situation really messed up?


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What Guys Said 1

  • No? he's single, you're single go for it. There isn't set length of time before you can date again. It sounds like he was all but broken up in name with his girlfriend so i wouldn't really consider it cheating once the two no longer have feelings for each other.


What Girls Said 1

  • "almost over" every person who is cheating always says this, and then a 6 months down the line the majority are still with them. Some people aka the people who saw you guys probably will mind their own business I mean who wants to get in the middle of it? You should have a talk with him and it is messed up because who knows why he asked you out, you may be really atttractive to him and he wants to see if the grass is greener.