What is the largest age difference you'd be fine with in a romantic partner that is younger than you?

Similar to my last poll, just on the other side! If you ever dated someone younger than you, how much younger would you ever be willing to go (without being creepy obviously)? For example, would you be okay with being 70 while your partner is 50 (even if a 20 year difference now in your life would be totally wrong)? What is your lifetime age difference limit?

  • Same age-2 years younger
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  • 2 years-5 years younger
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  • 5-10 years younger
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  • 10-20 years younger
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  • 20+ years younger
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  • Not more than two years younger


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  • So my answer to this one is going to be totally opposite, but as a girl, I think it's normal. I'm 18, almost 19, so at this point in my life, a single year is a lot. This little thing called adulthood happens. And I've grown up A LOT. For that reason, I feel guys older than me are a lot closer to my mental age than guys younger. Being 19 soon, I might allow a year. Maybe. If he's really special. But not likely. Later on, like I said in your other question, same life stage I think is what matters. But I'd be more fussy about it. I shouldn't be ending the stage as he starts it (example: college).

    • Again, SO agree! I'm willing to be a bit more lenient with age when it comes to older guys versus younger!

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    • I have, but that's awesome! My best friend is a psych major, and my major (communication) involves a little psych (my research methods class sounds like it did what you're describing lol). I think gender differences are interesting. Like, some people say there really aren't any differences, but there are! What we share is pretty interesting though xD helps me figure them out better lol

    • Thanks for MHO!

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  • Same to 2 years younger. Anything over that and it just wouldn't work.

  • I'm not into younger guys not even by a day. I choose (same age - two years) because I wanted to see the answers

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