What is a girl to think?

OK so I know I shouldn't be doing this and I kinda already know the answer, but I just need confirmation from impartial people.

Here goes.

So my ex broke up with me about six months ago from a three year relationship. We had minimum contact up until a couple of weeks ago. We met up chatted and the third meeting we ended up sleeping together.

Now, the reason why he left me was because he wasn't happy with work, home and his friends so he carried some of that frustration into his relationship with me. We started fighting about, well nothing really... Just immature bickering back and forth. Before me he was in a two year relationship and not long after found me (so he hasn't been single for five years, hasn't experienced being alone and single and all that comes with it, like finding yourself). He still feels that way on some levels and told me he isn't looking to get into another relationship, even with me. He says he still loves me but because he can't give himself completely, he doesn't want to hurt anyone, including himself. But agreed that while he is sleeping with me will not sleep with any other women? What am I to think? It sounds like an excuse if you ask me. Yet, he treats me better than when we were dating? Does his life have anything to do with how much love he can give me? I don't think so... but still need some advice. Thanks all.


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  • I am currently in the same situation,

    i was with my boyfriend for three years and he broke up with me bcoz of issues in his personal life and we were fighting over stupid things and 'he was scared of spending his life with one person that he met as a teenager' , it was only a couple of weeks ago and we agreed to be friends and still hang out, but every time we hang out we end up kissing or sleeping together, he gets really funny whenever he knows about me hanging out with guy friends and all the cute photos, posters, letters and everytihng are still displayed all over his room even tho there is none at my house, we still see each other about the same as we did when we were together, we're still kissing and sleeping together, but the only difference is there's no 'i love you' anymore, and the worst part is my friends totally disapprove of it so I don't tell them what's going on so I'm really confused, what does he want?

    its like he doesn't want a gf, and wants time to himself and to be with his mates, btu he doesn't want to let go.

    Im scared to talk to him about it, bcoz I don't want to ruin any chance of a friendship.

    but its sooooooooooo annoying.

    So I can totally understand ur frustration.

  • wait let me get this straight- you guys are only slept together once? or has he been sleeping with you off an on?

    if it's off and on I call that Friends with benefit because you two already broke up and there is no "verbal" agreement that this is a relationship (especially when he told you "he's not looking into getting into a relationship with anyone and not even with you)

    b/c either way you are still going to get hurt -- your emotions are going to come up and you are going to want a real relationship with him

    so ask yourself do you want to say with a man that is -- not giving you a clear cut answer and is semi-stringing you along.

    I'm sure there is going to be another man /person out there that is more willing to be in a relationship with you .