At what point do you consider your partner to be part of your family and vice versa?

At what point do you consider your partner to be a part of your family?

At what point are they just as much of a priority as your family? A few months into the relationship? A year? More than a year? Under what circumstances? Under what reasoning, and why?

At what point do you feel like you are a part of their family? Do you want to?

And I mean as far as your boyfriend/girlfriend.


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  • I will start treating her as a part of my family once i introduce her to my family and i meet her family.
    Before that, na na na LOL

    • Could it even be as soon as a month into the relationship? Is she, at that point, just as much of a priority as you put your family?

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    • Lol I know, I'm just asking. What aboutique two years in the relationship: do you consider your partner as family then?

    • Yes, but it depends on the relation, how much committed and loyal you both are to each other.

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  • When we live together and share expenses and life costs, that's when I consider them a part of my family. They're as much of a priority as soon as I decide that this is a relationship I intend on making work for the rest of my life, but no time tied to this. I probably wouldn't feel like a part of it until I've been invited to multiple family functions, the younger kids see me as an older sister, and the adults ask where I am as in they're expecting me to be there all the time, like family. And yes I would love that.


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  • When I started seeing my wife, I met her parents after three months, they after first meeting me treated me as if I was one of their own. If that makes sense.


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  • it can be month or a year.
    for me , it depends on comfort level.
    if i know that he is the one for me and if i doubt have any second thought about him.
    i will say that he is part of my family.

    • Thank you for sharing :)