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My boyfriend of 2 years moved out this month, because we have been fighting non-stop. We agreed we will continue our relationship, and that his move out was temporary (he even left his computer, tv etc at my place). I have been seeing a therapist to deal with my anger. A few weeks ago we got into a fight and he said "leave me alone". We haven't talked up until 2 weeks ago he let me know that he is leaving for a 2 week job outside of town, but continued to ignore me. (I am guessing he is coming back this weekend?). For the last 4 days he has been sending me cute videos of puppies, but hasn't said a word to me.
I love him, but the fact that he ignored me for 3 weeks really hurts. What should I say/act when he calls me?


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  • I would honestly see if things are still there when he comes back try to talk to him try to sit down with him, but I would also strongly suggest continuing with your anger management care because if that's why he's gone, then that's something that's on you that you need to handle


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  • I think if it's been 3 weeks and he hasn't spoken to you then it's probably over. I could never go that long without talking to the person I love.

    • I understand that, he mentioned that he needs to love himself etc, and he needs time to be left alone. He still keeps our photo on his facebook, and is trying really hard to be cute and send these messages... so it suggests to me he wants to be together.

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    • Well after 1 week of not talking because he said he wants to be left alone, he let me know that he is leaving town for a 2 week job. A few days after that I tried to talk to him and he sent me a video of him working... and then let me know that he is busy and is really hurt... he continued to ignore me, until the past 4 days he has been sending me cute videos, I have sent some back as well... but no one has said a word to each other, and I feel like it should come from him?

    • I don't know, maybe try reaching out, ask him how he is, tell him you miss him? I think 3 weeks is plenty of time to give him his space he needed. If you wait any longer he may become comfortable alone and decide he doesn't want to come back to you.

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