Texting but not asking me out?

So my crush would text me from time to time and he would usually just ask me how I am and what I've been up to, but he hasn't asked to see me in like 2 weeks. 5 days ago I asked him out and he ignored my message until today saying that he saw it late and forgot to reply. I was pretty pissed at him during those 5 days and I kinda still am. So I'm not gonna ask him out again. We met 3 months ago and been hanging out once or twice a week. Sometimes he would ask sometimes I. I even told him today that I want to learn to skate and he just said "Nice!". He's been begging me to skate with him ever since we met, and now just "nice"? If he is not interested in hanging out with me anymore, why bother texting me anyway, what's the point? What should I do?

My birthday is this Saturday and I would really like him to come over but I feel like I'm being to needy and stupid if I invite him over, giving his lack of interest lately. Should I swallow my pride and invite him anyway?


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  • He's probably nervous. Happy b-day, by the way! Invite him over, he'd prob appreciate the gesture. Act like every things normal. Study his body language. If you see him shifting or twisting uncomfortably and not making eye contact, ask him whats wrong. Tell him you're there for him. If he says that you asking him out is making him feel uncomfortable, apologize and say you didn't mean to make him feel weird. Tell him if he's not interested, you guys can just continue being friends. Stay calm during this though, if you're breaking down, he might feel guilty and not say what he really feels. I hope it works out for you :).

  • I think he's jsit bored with he texts you