How to break it off... What do I say to him?

Ok... So I've been seeing (long distance) this guy for about 9 months... He has a girlfriend who he says he's not interested in long term.. But also doesn't want to break it off. He wants her to be one one to break it off. He says he loves me and I feel the same, But this just isn't working for me anymore... So what do I say To him?


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  • Just tell him, who cares? He has a girlfriend that he was not willing to break up with for you, and long distance usually does not work out, why does anyone want to date someone they can't see that often? Just tell him exactly what you said, you love him but it is not working for you anymore, if he moves closer and breaks up with his girlfriend you might reconsider one day.

  • He has a girlfriend. You're helping a cheater knowing he's not single. Wow. Enough said.