Can I get her interested again?

Over the Christmas period I slept with a girl from work , after that she told me she liked me and we started to talk and we both agreed we would like to see each other again , unfortunately we could not get anything organised for a number of reasons (she could not get a babysitter for her kids and the fact that I had to go out of the country for a weekend) this went on for a month or two and eventually she just said she didn't want to date anyone because she had just finished with her ex and wanted to be single for a while, but if i was single in a while she would jump at the chance but she thought for now we would just be friends. I said i understood and I had no hard feelings towards her, said i was just sorry it was over before it started and if she ever wanted to start things up again i would have no problem with it and we just left it, after a few weeks she messaged me again and we just got chatting and I was getting the impression she may have been interested again , we continued messaging each other about once a week for about 5/6 weeks until i asked her out again (to a themed pub quiz) i told her it wouldn't have the pressure of a date but we could go and have a laugh, she said she was busy but wanted to rearrange and go the next time it was on, after another few weeks there was no sign of the quiz happening again so I asked her would she do something else because I was still interested in seeing her, she said yes and was genuinely excited about it telling me it was a good plan and we would have really good fun at it. Then the next week when I asked her was she able to get a baby sitter she said she didn't think so but she would try and let me know. The following week we were talking again and she said she couldnt get a baby sitter and she said she can't get them on any Sunday ever , so i told her i was finished asking her to do stuff because i felt like i was making a dick out of myself and its went on too long. Is there anything i can do?


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  • I get she has kids and if that is a legitimate excuse then she needs a night out for herself more than anyone if she can't EVER seem to get one. However, I cannot imagine it is THAT hard to get a babysitter, friends and family would be willing to help there are websites that make finding a good reliable one easier. So, I have to say that it may be a little bit of an excuse for some reason too. I feel like whether it is with you or anyone else she is just not that motivated to get out and leave her kid at home. She seems to maybe be most comfortable at home with her kid and hard for her to do anything else, especially if she isn't quite over her ex, then she may be even less motivated to get out there. I would move on for now, if it is meant to be it would be, even if you get her out once, you are going to go through the same struggle to hang out with her every time. You don't need that.

    • Yeah that's what i was thinking, I gave her 2 weeks notice for the date and she still flaked on me , the thing that has annoyed me most was that she really got my hopes up that she wanted to go, I had been trying to say and do all the right things for the last month or so and I thought I was finally getting my chance. I really could not be annoyed going through this with other people

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  • Drop it man, If she really was interested she would've done anything to make it work. I won't say she haven't liked you in the first place, But I'm sure she wasn't serious.

    • Yeah I know mate, I need to let her go I think, it's just hard because I thought after it all she was going to give me a chance , I was just posting this to see if there was anything I could do that could have maybe brought her back around

    • I think what you're done was enough and a lot for her, you showed that you were serious about going further with her, but she didn't respond, So It's time to quit trying and from now on, If she contacted you again, let her do & make all the meeting work and play a bit hard

  • Man fuck that bitch and move on

    • I'm trying to bro, I work with the girl sometimes and I'm trying my best , i told her I felt like I was being messed about and she obviously wasn't interested so I'm not chasing her anymore, for the first 3 days or so I was over the moon because I got off her hook, but since I've been sad and angry at myself for falling for it for so long and have started to question whether she actually liked me in the first place or was it all a lie to get over her ex. She made me feel on top of the world for the first month or two since we hooked up and now I'm just completely crushed