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I had a fling with a girl from work which started with a ONS around the new year, after a while I started getting clingy and made it a bit too easy for her to get me which ended up in her losing interest in me. After a few weeks and a few desperate drunken texts I gave up chasing her and gave her some space. So about two months have passed and we were put back to work together the other day, we were having fun like the old times and she started some flirting again. However in the past I would always do everything for her, (buy her lunch, make her tea etc) and when she asked me to do this the other day I said no. She said she misses the way I used to treat her to which I just laughed. Later that night she asked me to do something for her as I'm her best mate and I told her she's not my best mate and I don't work with my best mate for another few days (a different girl in the company) to which she got annoyed and said "I'll remember that"
I was just wondering if this was the type of thing I should keep doing to get her interested in me again or should I just give up?


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  • I guess the question is, do you want to go back to what you two had before? Be careful. She could just be using you. If you don't want anything more than just a hook up with her, she might be on that same page. Either way good luck.

  • say to her that you treat that way the girl you are interested in and if she is not interested in you shouldn't expect you to do that
    get clear w her and don't play games
    but honestly she doesn't seem worth the time


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