Help on friendzoning the nice guy?

So there's this super nice guy and, while I am attracted to him, there's a few BIG personality, I don't want to say problems, but they're problems that make us incompatible. I rejected him rudely once after he over stepped his boundaries with me. But we eventually reconciled and are friends again. I have to let him know I plan on just being friends with him for basically ever but he has some serious boundary issues. And he kinda draws me in a lot bc of his charming and funny personality. But we would NOT be compatible. I'd end up dumping him within 24hours for sure if we ever dated


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  • This is not healthy for either of you too. Last thing he needs is a one-sided relationship. I know you want to be friends but no matter what you do, from how you described, I can tell you he's always going to be hoping for more. This is the worst thing that can happen to anyone on either side because not only will he change because of the emotional toll it takes, but you too will end up changing towards him. I'm not telling you to cut ties and break it off now before it gets worse, but I am advising that.

    • You have a good point. It'll be hard. But I think the best option is to distance myself from him and let go so he can go find a girl that's perfect for him.

    • That's a good idea, as long as he catches on and doesn't become clingy or overly attached. Sometimes when you put distance between someone, the need for their company increases dramatically. You're definitely on the right track though.

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  • Then don't maintain a friendship. If you know he wants more and you know you won't ever, then do the decent thing (not the selfish thing) and explain why you don't feel you're compatible and that you also feel it's unfair to remain friends since you'll always feel pressured and he'll always want more.

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