What could be some reasons that she's not texting or calling back?

I met a really pretty Middle-Eastern girl at my university, and she's totally awesome. I'm pretty sure she liked me back, as she would go out of her way to try to arrange lunches and dates with me. Anyways, after the semester ended, she stopped responding to my calls and texts. But, instead of saying "read on [insert date and time]" on the messages, none of the messages are marked (she has an iPhone, btw). What could have happened? I was excited to go out with her this summer 😞


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  • Maybe she just got really busy or lost her phone


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  • Your onnot her religion.

    • I don't think she's ignoring me, though.

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  • You aren't middle eastern shame on you for trying to get with a girl who you know shouldn't date guys of your race I'm guessing your white.

    • Lol

      I'm Hispanic and Eastern European.

    • Still Shame on you

    • Lol what, are you middle-eastern?

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