My boyfriend is obsessed with a celeb, what should I do?

My boyfriend and I have been dating for a few months now, but his obsession with a celeb has worn me out. I try hard not to be jealous, as I know I shouldn't be, but it's hard when he calls her "the Queen" and "a goddess" and acts as if she's the most amazing woman in the world. Now, I'm not saying he should call me any of those things, but I don't know how to react when he calls another girl-let alone a celeb who he will never meet-them. How can I change/what should I do about my feelings?


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  • Tell him to stfu about her if he's constantly taking about her.

    • Haha I have made it clear that it makes me uncomfortable when he talks about her, but he tends to laugh it off or say it's cute that I'm jealous. Neither of which make me feel much better.

    • Next time when he laughs stop him and say "no, it really is fucking annoying and I'm sick of it!" Be clear that it's not cute or funny anymore, just annoying.

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