Random girl from Facebook friended me and messaged me hinting about seeing a movie or getting something to eat together, she seems cool, should I?

From looking at her Facebook she goes to my same university, and she told me she was in one of my classes but I never noticed her or talked to her and I don't remember Her so I guess she isn't totally random even though we never talked, after talking to her for a bit she seems like a really awesome person, should I ask her to get coffee or something? Have you ever had someone that you barely know or random friend you or ask you out to get coffee?


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  • YES OF COURSE. If you're physically attracted to her and think there's a chance. be like "well I really wanna see X movie, or there's a really awesome coffee shop down the street I love their X maybe we should go sometime". To kind of leave the options open. Of course she'll say yes and ask her what day she's free. GL

    • Thanks would you be weirded out if a random guy who you had in class but never talked to friended you on Facebook and started talking to you messaging you? I'm just worried that maybe she's trying to set me up or maybe humiliate me lol, I think I'm paranoid about people, but what would you do if you were in my shoes and a guy messages you?

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