Our one month anniversary is coming up... Do I get him something?

He won't even be in the same country as me. He's visiting another country to see his family, so he won't be here on the actual day that marks one month since we've been dating.
He told me he's gonna get me something from this other country, but i don't know if I should get him something too.
I would feel bad if he brought something back for me, even if it's just as a souvenir rather than an anniversary gift, and I didn't have anything for him.
When are the "appropriate times" for gifts in a relationship.
And IF I were to get him something small for our one month, what should I get him?


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  • I think someone home made and simple would be cute since you guys haven't been dating that long. Nothing expensive or crazy is needed


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  • I'd say just get him something small-box of chocolates would be ok, but try anda make it personal. Do you have any insde jokes?

    • We do actually. I can't think of any off the top of my head right now though

    • see if you can get something around that then, he'll find it really sweet and it shows your appreciation

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  • what is his favorite sport? get tickets to that or any type of live sports activity you know he will like

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