Can someone that said no to dating you fall for you or start likening you?

So when i first asked her out she said no and that she wasn't looking to date at this time i didn't even know her... but she had a child hood friend she liked and ended up dating him. Skip ahead we both were dating people now.. which didn't work out both our relationships were like dating people who were never really their or we never really talked too. So were both now single and have a strong connection. All of her friends who are now my friends are always making fun of us for being so close. They always tell us to get a room or kiss ahead.. we are not a couple but pretty much act like one most of the time.. which is always pretty funny. We had a small fight 2 days ago and she seemed pretty upset i didn't say goodbye. But we made up. So anyway do u think she could have feels for me? she told her friends the only reason she said no becuase she was with her ex boyfriend at the time.. and her parents are kind of realise. I met her mom and her mom likes me.. says I seem very polite.. will be meeting her dad next week. I am fine with the way things are.. and love our friendship but at the same time i love a shot to date her. Sorry for the spelling&


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  • I know it's possible because it happened to me. I swore up and down for 3 months that I'd never date my now boyfriend because we are neighbors. We became very close over those months and eventually developed strong feelings for each other and ended up in a relationship. We're going on one year now and I've never been happier. My advice? Let it happen on its own. Don't try to force it or her. Don't question it, just let it be. The best relationships start off as friends.

    • I haven't been forcing it i accepted the fact we're friends and love our friendship like i said. but did he ask you out or did u ask him out? but yea good advice.. and yea we just cill as friends with other friends.

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    • Nope I didn't say no because I wanted us to be together. We had already established we were "seeing each other" for the past month so it was just a matter of time before we made it official. I don't know how you do it where you're from but here at our age we don't usually have to ask "will you be my boyfriend/girlfriend" hahahah

    • Lol out here we ask the person uf they wanna go on a date thats how we establie it. You dont just kiss a random 0person with out asking them.. u can't know your dating unless you ask first.

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  • I think anything can happen, and nothing's ever set in stone. People are constantly changing their minds.


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