Ever been in a relationship, then someone who's EVEN more your type comes along?

For start, I'm not saying I have. But I just wondered if any of you guys have ever been in a relationship with a person, then, someone else comes along who you're even better suited with?

This question is for everyone really. This who are single, those in relationships, those who are married, those who have a family... what's your experience?

  • I have experienced this, but remained with my partner.
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  • Didn't happen to me, but a friend of mine had been in a great relationship which he chose to end once he met the other girl. All four of us were friends and everyone knew what the situation was. The ex-girlfriend was devastated after he broke up with her and I was so pissed at him for doing this that I haven't spoken much with him or his new girlfriend ever since.

    • can you really blame him though, he's chasing happiness.

      im not taking any sides by the way, im just throwing out different perspective lol

    • @BertMacklinFBI 3 happy friends vs 2 slightly happier friends + 1 devastated friend. I would always go for the former.

    • I see exactly what you mean. That was a selfish move on his part :/ a commitment is a choice and it is NOT someone else's responsibility for your own happiness. So he was foolish. This other girl won't always make him deliriously happy.

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  • There's always going to be someone better out there. The question is, when is it good enough?

    • if you look at it that way, "always someone better", it won't ever be good enough.

      you gotta have a different mindset.

      "i want to be with the guy i want to be with"

      not always thinking about how the grass is greener on the other side.

    • That's exactly why everyone is online dating because they think the next match is going to be better and they don't want to miss out on that. So when is it going to be good enough?

      And PS , I have a boyfriend that is more than good enough :)

    • Great point! There's comes a time where you have to choose to be commited to a person, through the good and the bad :).

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  • I've experienced this 3x. ... -_-

    1. I stayed
    2nd boyfriend I left.
    3rd. I stayed.

    It wasn't a pattern at all BUT we all change especially during our teen young adult hood. We have different iny rest, wants, needs, desires. That's because we are growing up finding ourselves. No one has no right to judge you so I'd you are doing this don't be ashamed it's called growing up and finding someone else who can fit your new needs. Survival of the fittest.

    I stayed for both cuz as much as the other had other smilitaries my boyfriend at the time had stronger qualities than the other. I also was either to in love to leave or just a dumb teen. ...

    I left the 2nd boyfriend because life js to short to be withsomeone who either gives you drama trouble feeling insure abused unwanted or just overall...2nd placed. I'm always first ( equal to you mama) so I should never have to feel like I am begging for your attention or anything negative. Plus if you don't check off everything I really am wanting then BYE Lol

    • You are so right about changing! At the end of the day, it all depends on circumstances and you Gotta do what you gotta do what you gotta do 😊

  • Yea, thats happened a few times but im in a relationship so why would i mess that up?

  • If i enjoy spending more time with someone else other than my boyfriend, I would just leave him. But thats never happened and I dont see it happening any time soon:)