So, my ex hid his phone when I ran into him the other day? Why?

I bumped into him at his work, and his phone was sitting out. There was a conversation going on between him and someone.

As soon as he saw me, he quickly clicked out of the conversation and put his phone in his pocket.

I just thought this was a little weird since we've been split up for a year and if he's talking to other people, that's ok.

why would he do that? :S

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Most Helpful Guy

  • That's not weird at all. He's messaging someone. It's his own private conversation and you were snooping.

    • No. Get your facts right. I was doing my shopping and never even noticed the bloody phone until he lifted it. And I beg to differ. It is freaking weird. Especially when a person isn't even looking at your phone in the first place.

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    • She wasn't snooping wtf she just said that she didn't even noticed his phone until he lifted it.

    • @99percentangel thank you, I'm glad you read what I said! 😌☺️

Most Helpful Girl

  • Uhm.

    Test the waters by casually asking him about his phone. If he gets a text and you feel like he's hiding it from you, just say, "who's that?" If he gets defensive about it or starts acting really weird, that could mean it's someone he's not supposed to be talking to.

    Or, make a joke comment like, "Why are you so attached to your phone?" and pay attention to his reaction. If he has nothing to hide, he'll laugh it off. If he does have something to hide, he'll likely get defensive.


    • Thanks! I guess I just don't have the right to ask who he's texting anymore and I didn't want to come off as nosy so I didn't ask! I just found it weird because I couldn't even see his phone until he lifted it and I could see his phone screen light up. It actually annoyed me because it made me feel like he was trying to hide something :S

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  • That's weird. He probally did that because he still likes you and he didn't want you to know what he was doing on his phone (like texting other girls)

    • I thought it weird too. I wouldn't even have noticed his phone to be honest, if he hadn't moved it. It actually annoyed me a little cause it just made me feel like he was trying to hide something :/

    • Yeah that's pretty odd like he's trying to hide something from you...

    • I know :( but oh well, guess there ain't much I can do!

  • You're not dating anymore, why do you care? Do you still like him?

  • Because you were being nosy.

    • Nope, I wasn't. Hadn't even noticed it sitting out until he moved it to be honest.

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