The mind of an 20 year old?

okayyy hi there. So met this guy on the internet via our mutual friends. He is 4 years older than I am and really came across as a super dickhead. But from the start I put him on his place and he knows my boundaries and morals. Enw soo we have been talking everyday for 2 weeks now and he said well he only wants like a friends with benefits and hells know what. But he is confusing me tho. Because I think I started to care and when we have an argument I would just say to him goodnight and he would fight back and try to work things out. He has been with a lot of girls , and when I tease him about it he gets mad. And said to me I should leave his past sluts out of it because it's in the pass. We have a very humorous and sarcastic manner of talking to one another and yeah I guess I'm just confused by his way of doing things because I'm not use to that at all. So anyone help? Should I walk away before I jump of the cliff? Or see where it goes. Ps I'm 18 not 36 and he's turning 22


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  • lol, why are you even bothering with this loser? He basically told you the only thing he values from you is your vagina. He's just trying to put you in your place and make sure you know that you don't run shit. I say forget this loser.

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