Girls, why are attractive men intimidating?

You often hear that people regardless of their gender don't even dare to talk to someone of the opposite gender they find particularly attractive.
Personally, I had a girl "run away" from me after her guy friend walked up to me and told me that his girl friend would like to have a date with me - I had said "yes", but before he could come back to her, she had "fled".
I also got asked by a girl I had "spotted" via social media, when the last time was that I had a girlfriend...

I find very attractive/good looking men untrustworthy. This is probably unfair to the millions of dashing-looking men in the world who are totally trustworthy.

However, when I was young and "on the market" it was my experience that the better looking the bloke, the bigger a player he was. My perception was that good-looking men knew they could pretty much have all the women they wanted, so they were always looking for someone prettier than the last, be it to cheat on their official partner or current girlfriend. I hope this attitude has changed but I have serious doubts!


I dated a man who was so good looking that women would not talk to him. He was a lovely man, very sweet and kind, just a great guy, but he told me that most of the time he felt lonely. After a while his looks meant nothing-- he was just another annoying sports nut who smelled amazing and made me laugh. I wasn't intimidated but apparently many women are. He was better looking than me by a mile!

---> What are your experiences? Is it really as extreme as stated by these two women?


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  • I was asked out on a date by a really good looking guy before and I was freaking out. I just felt he was way out of my league because every girl my age at the time and where I lived liked him plus some were better looking and had better bodys (in my opinion) I had a crush on him too but I was so panicky, I ended up not going on the date. I just felt like he was going to just ask me for a dare or something or just to make fun of me. He did neither, he was really nice. Movies make it out that the really hot guy and girl are meant for eachother and that anyone else is not worthy of their time. I think some people believe that and get intimidated by another person's looks.

  • This is interesting! I do find myself a bit more nervous around guys that I find particularly attractive, probably because I become so engrossed with trying not to mess anything up and ruin the chance that he might find me attractive as well. If I'm talking to someone I don't initially find extremely attractive I don't get caught up in those thoughts, thus I'm not as intimidated.

    In my personal experience, I have met a handful of attractive men who are the definition of a "player". I definitely think anyone can get caught up in the fact that they're good looking and desirable and getting a girl (or guy) is easy for them. I've also met equally attractive people who are mellow and laid back and not what I would consider a player. I think it's deeper than just appearances, it's their personality as well.

  • All attractive people are because they're better than we are