How to react to his snapchats?

The guy I have been seeing has gone MIA recently, barely talking to me for the last month.
Before that we were best friends and then saw each other for about 9 months.
There was no break up.

I decided to focus on myself and keep my distance.
I love him and want to be with him but honestly if he doesn't try to communicate with me then there is no point.

ANYWAY, even though he hasn't messaged or called or anything, every few days i will get a snapchat off him. He isn't a big snap chatter and they are general things that he probably send to heaps of people. The last one was a picture of a toe with a draw smile saying "this toe has seen a lot". I don't even understand that, weird...

I have just not been replying because i don't really count it as communication, however, am i making it worse? how should i react to these snaps? Also, I have avoided sending him any, but i am going out tomorrow, should i send any to him?


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  • "I decided to focus on myself and keep my distance." Maybe you should've talked to him instead of keeping your distance. Now he has a life without guy in it. Don't spend anymore time obsessing about his snap chats he isn't obsessing about you.

  • Yeah I would send one back that is also very general and could be "sent to heaps of people" as well. Test the waters! No drunk snaps though