Is it possible for two people to love each other and never be together?

I have this crush at my work.

This girl, she seems really interested in me, and I really liked her too. I know I was in love, and it seemed like she liked me too.

I asked her out, and she rejected me two times... That broke my heart but I got over it.

We still talk, and I really really can feel the energy that she likes me, she touches me, laughs at my jokes, is really interested in things but of course there is I chance she doesn't like me. I just get that vibe/feeling that she really likes me, I don't feel like I am wrong about this.

What is up with her? What do I do? I really don't want to be hurt again.

Is it possible for two people too like/love each other and never be together?


Most Helpful Girl

  • I'm sorry but if someone really likes you and feels attraction they won't reject you TWICE. Heck not even once. What you are likely feeling from your side is romance but from her side friendliness. Just cause someone is friendly and kind to you doesn't mean they have feelings for you in a romantic way. They can connect with you on a deeper level without feeling romance. To answer your main question, if 2 people have feelings for each other and are single then there's no logical reason why "can't" be together.

    • I guess you are right...

      But she rejected me because she had a boyfriend... and now she is single?

      I'm confused because I got over her and she is single now.

What Girls Said 2

  • Take a step back and see if she seeks you out.

  • But she doesn't seem to like you. It's all you and not her

    • Might be true,

      It's hard for me to describe, I look into her eyes, and we laugh together, she gives me so many signs...

      What do I do?

What Guys Said 2

  • Welcome to the friend zone my friend.

    • It really sucks,

      I really liked this girl, and she seemed really nice... I thought if I took things slow with her, we could have been more... but I guess I was wrong...

  • Did she say she wants to be friends or has a boyfriend already?

    • I asked her out and she didn't give me a proper response...

      So later I find out she does have a boyfriend...

      I was talking to her one day, she sorta mentioned we were friends...

      But a few weeks ago, I found out she is single.

    • Maybe she just wants to be friends or you try again and ask her out. If you get no response, then maybe avoid any contact with her for a week or 2 and wait for her to approach you.

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