Is this relationship has any scope for future what I can do to make it healthy again?

I'm in relationship from 4 years and we both love each other so much. We have amazing physical relationship both of us are good in bed.(no sex) only romantic stuff. But lacking in emotional relationship. He understand me, love me but doesn't show any affection doesn't express me. Most of the time he's rude and acting with attitude or he keeps on telling me to improve my looks and have some attitude not intense in conversation. When I try something good he says I'm obvious. Sometimes I feel like our relationship is just because of homedates and attachments. Every night we talk he expects something new.. We end up with fight or with just sort of love making, there is nothing like what it should be. We hardly hangout, we don't talk the whole day, even if I text him he says he is busy and will talk later almost evertime, we don't have any pictures or selfie yet we don't hangout to far distance. we have homedates, at every homedate there is blow**b and WE really enjoy it and after that he get back to his home without discussing about anything, we dont discuss about what we did or how amazing it was, he just shows concern if everything was safe. Its a kind of long distance relationship since I'm a hostler so I visit him every weekend, although he's happy with it but he doesn't do anoything to make me feel special. I'm in no doubt that he loves me care for me and neds me but nowadays I feel somethin is wrong something which is not good forn us. I have been patient for a long time and have even talked to him about this but I feel no change. Now this is being annoying because when I want to make love he's never there. I want this relation for future we are attached and we love. but something is missing. I DNT KNOW WHERE ARE WE LACKING. HELP


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  • Where are you lacking?
    Well... it sounds like friends with benefits, except he really doesn't sound too friendly...
    So actually...
    It sounds like the only thing he "needs" is "whatever he wants or can get" from you.

    • That's not friends with benefits.. If it would be than we would be bheaving like friends from the starts. Its about now when things have changed in our relationship

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  • Maybe you should try together new things (activities, places, even try different things in bed).
    The routine is killing your relationship.

    • Ans what if he don't have time.. We keep trying the new things in bed

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