Boyfriend acting kinda distant but why?

So, we have been doing pretty good. We've been together for 9 months, and he wanted me to come over to his house yesturday and he was super excited and so was I. Cause we live 2 hours away, and its been a few weeks since we saw eachother. When i got there he was all over me and saying he missed me, and he had a pretty good time, when it was time for me to leave. He of course said I love you, have a safe drive text me when your home! We hugged it out and i left. Got home texted him, waited a few hours cause he was eating at his grandmothers, and we text throughout the night, all of the sudden its just got spotty, id say i had fun today and I love you and he'd say love you, and i am happy i got to see you. And i was like we can talk on the phone so i called him, and he just wasn't feeling the call... i guess i said you sound tired i can let you go to bed and he was just saying mmm , mhm.. and he said a few sentences and he hung up i texted him saying alright well goodnight, and i love you. Today i texted him goodmorning, no answer but he read it i said something else about a friend and I werent going to do anything, and he said i just woke up... I then said oh this and that, and he saw it but never answered a few hours later i also sent him a snap and he sent a video which was also on his story. I sent some other text and he just read it. I know he was busy but he couldve said hey or something... i told him im sorry if im bothering but if you busy can you say brb dont have to tell me what just say brb text you later and he said sorry. I said love you but he didn't say it back, feel like i guess he needed space? not sure if he just doesn't want to talk to me... but right now we arnt talking, but he just hasn't said love you too back, cause i guess we are in a fight. Maybe im just over thinking things? What y'all think ha


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  • wow, you are texting him a lot. that would really annoy me. maybe try cutting down on the texts a little. at least let him reply to your last text before bombarding him 5 more.

    • Yeah, I have. Even though he mentioned he wanted me to start the conversation. The problem is he'll read it but not answer. For a long awhile. But if he talks to one of my friends on my phone he won't stop texting her about me and her problems. But when i say hey, he'll jusy read it and ignore it.

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