Girl messaged me on Facebook, don't know who she is, but she goes to my university, we might have had a class together, wants to get coffee, weird?

this is how the convo went, first she friended me and messaged me, "hey you look familiar, didn't we take a class together, you went to 'university'" I then texted her back "yeah, I go there, I don't remember you but we could have had a class together", she text me back "yeah, what are you studying" I text back " accounting" and the conversation just continued from there. Is it weird that she wants to get coffee, does she sound weird from text, I just always felt that if I were to contact a girl through Facebook that she would think I was weird, is it weird in this case or am I being the weird one here lol, being too judgemental?

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I also wouldn't mind getting coffee with her


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  • Honestly, she probably finds you attractive and wants to get to know you better, but was too shy to approach you in person when she saw you.

    • What would you do if you were in my shoes and a guy messages you who you had a class with but never talked to

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    • Thank you for responding I appreciate it :), I'll go ahead and see her, I guess it's not weird because lots of people meet from online dating, that have never talked and she isn't totally random, we go to the same university and we had the same class together too thanks 😋.

    • Yeah, no problem. I wouldn't be worried about it. Hope you have a fun time.

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  • It's a little weird but she probably had a crush on you and looked you up.

    • What would you do if you were in my shoes but instead a guy messages you?

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    • Yea lol I was actually pretty amazed and I think the word in looking for is flattered, after friending her and talking we like a lot of the same things and seems like a really interesting from the get go, I'm gonna meet her for coffee, thanks for your input :) but I could also see where you are coming from cause there are so many psychos out there.

    • Yeah... That's great you're already talking. I think you should meet her. Good luck!

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  • She's showing initiative