What should I do, I feel really unattractive after this? Please help?

So my sister and I went to wallmart today and she wanted to go to the Deili, so I was like okay let's go,. There was this guy working there and when she ordered he was all smiling at her all flirty like , and I was there staring dead at him I guess, then my sister was all fangirling because he was flirting with her. At first I didn't care but later i felt down because guys don't smile at me let alone look at me and they always smile and approach her. I've never been approached before. My sister always has. I felt really ugly and unnatractive or undesirable to the guys eye. She already has a boyfriend and he just bought her a $500 promise ring and is taking her out to six flags next weekend. A guy wouldn't do that for me, I've always been rejected even if I thought the guy was cute. I don't feel very beautiful at all, let alone attractive.

No mean or hate comments please. This is something that keeps bothering me.


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  • It does you know good at all to compare yourself to your sister. My sister was the pretty one and the popular one and had all the guys and she is insecure as hell, needs constant reassurance and validation from others and she does it by getting attention from guys and or other people by putting on the flirty, people-pleasing act, but she has no self-confidence, no idea who she is or what she wants in life and she doesn't think she can achieve much either. But me, I learned to accept myself and provide my own validation through working hard and being proud of myself. I didn't have anyone expecting me to be the pretty one, or the social one, and it allowed me to just get on with things and do what I wanted. Other people always have attention at a time we don't, or always look goof when we think we look crap, or have more and wr have less, and then sometimes it's the other way around, but you need to stop beating yourself up about it.