Was it my mistake or her mistake? pls help me guys and girls?

- she liked me , i liked her, she wanted to go to movies and hangout but i did not make plans coz i wanted to know her first.

- she got turned off and started flirting with other dudes in the class, and blew me off for other guys.

- the other dudes turned out to be douchebags and then she started giving me signs that she is ready to be asked but this time i ignored her.

- its been 3 months she stopped coming to class but still uploads songs and stuff for me on social media. no contact from either side for 3 months.

was it my mistake or her mistake? who should contact first?

  • It was your mistake, you should contact her first.
  • It was her mistake, if she really liked you she would have never blown you off for other guys. She should initiate contact.
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  • No ones mistake. It just wasn't meant to be.

    • Yeah i guess u are right, it was just not meant to be

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