How does a socially awkward 24 year old get his first girlfriend?

How does a socially awkward 24 year old get his first girlfriend

He has no social circle or friends he just goes to work, the gym and in a week school


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  • Go out more! Have fun! You're still young, be the best you can possible be and feel confident, trust me once you feel good about yourself you'll start finding someone to fulfill those other needs. But if you're naturally an awkward person then go look for an awkward girl!


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  • Some found their 'sweetheart' in HS, some, in college, what about the rest of us?
    yeah, right there, with you dude!! It's a lot harder, after school, and most of the 'GOOD ONES' are taken by 25 or so!! Dating services, online, at least the ones I tried are TOTAL SHT!!! They match you with someone you can't help but HATE because they are not at all what you want!!!
    Still holding out!! Tell your friends, when they get married, that the 'fine print' in the Marriage Contract says that you will 'Actively attempt to help your single friends find a partner!'
    Funny thing, some think it is true!!!
    Just be open, meeting people, wherever, whenever. Sometimes a strange connection turns into a long term thing. . .
    They say. . .

  • There are two thing you need work on then , and it already obvious :

    1. Your social circle/friends
    2. Your social skill

    The good new is, you can kill two bird in one stone. Try making friend at work and at school. Start building or get into a social circle. In school for example, you can try to get into a club that you interested in.

    Once you have a social circle, start working on your social skill with the people in it. You need to learn how to talk in a group setting and in a private 1 on 1 setting. Both are important.

    Once you have the basic down and not super socially awkward anymore, now is the time to flirt with girls. It help to have a personality by now, or try to adopt one because flirting is an advanced social skill and it have to feel natural.

    One more super important thing is Confident. That the basic building block to all of these thing and is very desirable to women.

    Good luck!

  • He stops posting this question and then goes out and gets a girlfriend.