I am in love with a player... i know he has feelings for me n he is playing mind games with me... as far as i ve been able to interpret things he is doing all this coz he isn't ready for commitment n he doesn't want to lose my interest... like when we r alone he is really nice but when we r with people he becomes cold n distant. one more reason could be that "men need sex to love" n he knows that i am saving myself for after i get married... i wanna hold on to my morals n i know its hard to get him with such morals... is there anyway to get him with all the faith n trust i should ve on him n also keep my morals at the same time

PS:- my guy friend who was once upon a time like this guy says that he would be stupid to lose me... n i am the one who sees the real him... despite his reputation n doings... my friend also says that i am trying to save him from himself coz he does drugs n alcohol for fun n screwing up his life n also he is quite immature.

any ideas that could help me to make him mine?


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  • What can I say about this guy at some point the games got to end and he needs to grow up

    • ya i agree but how can i make him realise that?

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    • haha ya hopefully... n thank u... everything u said made me feel special :)

    • Your welcome 😎 I just hope he realizes that

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  • You aren't the first or only girl thinking that about that if he's a real player. A player will always play.

    • i know he is a player... but things r different with me... i know it coz of what i see... he is different with me... i see it in his eyes... he has feelings for me... an idea to solve the problem would help

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    • You can't

    • y do u feel so?

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  • i would just keep reminding him good things come to those who wait, but at the same time be pateint with him when he pulls a stunt that might seem rude or crude. some guys are hard as hell to work with but if you can do it. it pays off more than it would with another guy your just settling with.

    not to say you should turn down other guys if you wasn't a relationship but just make sure he knows he is the one you want but your not gonna be as easy as most other girls he has seen or has been with.

    keep the stance you have he will respect that.

    • but how? we barely talk he keeps me at arms length coz he is scared that he might hurt me... when i told him that i love him he said that ill get someone much better than him... like that he talks dirty to me sometimes asking me curiosity questions but he doesn't get too close to me

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    • yup ill just be who i am... anyways me n this guy will be together hopefully in uni then lets see what happens... with him or without him i ve a life... i know that... thanks a lot once again :)

    • your welcome any time.

  • Oh yes you and 20 other women must feel the same way

    • no they just date him coz he is hot so they wanna brag about him

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