Girls, is it clichéd for a guy to ask you to get coffee sometime after he meets you for the first time?

Like say you meet a guy at a social event and you two had a decent conversation and then at the end before you guys leave, he asks you to get coffee sometime (basically another way of saying hey I'm interested) would you be okay with it? Or is that too old school and clichéd.

I know some of you might be like I don't drink coffee but that's not the point.

And if you don't think it's a good way to ask you, give me another idea or way to do it (OTHER than will you go on a date with me)

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  • No, asking to meet for coffee is just fine. Even if you don't drink coffee. I don't like coffee and I always ask guys out on coffee dates. Most people do drink coffee, or tea or something else that they have there.

    If you want to be different though, try looking out for interesting activities. The reason most people ask for coffee dates is because it's a generic activity that most people would be open too.

    If you go with something super specific, like for instance, an MMA match, the person may not be into that at all and reject you. Coffee dates are safe.

    But honestly, if I like a guy, even if I don't like the activity I would go. But not everyone is like that.


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  • No, that's perfect.

  • Its perfectly fine who cares if its cliché

  • Coffee is always ok


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