Is it normal to not want a relationship or girlfriend? I just never felt it to be necessary and am happy and prefer to be by myself, Is it okay?

I don't want to be obligated to hang out or play the whole dating games or texting each other and the drama I have seen in relationships, I don't like going through that stuff or having like I said obligations to hang out etc relationships, is it okay to live your life by yourself, the only reason is ask is because friends and family are starting to get concerned and keep asking if I'm getting a girlfriend or if there is something wrong, is it okay/normal?

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  • Have you ever thought you may be aromantic?


What Girls Said 1

  • Yes, that's normal. Relationships are not for everyone and it takes a lot of work.
    I think it's better to stay single than forcing yourself to get into a relationship just because your family wants to see you in one.
    If they really love you, they will respect your decision.


What Guys Said 1

  • Yes it's okay. You are you.