Is she off limits to me?

My best friend is dating a girl who I think is absolutely stunning and perfect for me. He even once said that she's more my type and that her and I would have a better relationship than they have. Does the fact that she's with my best friend make her off limits to me forever, even if they break up?


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  • You think you'd have a better relationship because you're into her.

    If they break up, at least let her pull her pants up before trying anything, but maybe given some time, It wouldn't matter so much.

    That's IF they break up though.

    Remember, she's chosen him, so don't be a dick and try flirting with or hitting on her whilst she's spoken for.

    • Her BOYFRIEND said he thinks her and I would have a better relationship, not me. And no, of course I wouldn't do that. I value the friendship.

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  • After they do break up, you should get your friend's blessing first.

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