Guy asks me to a family get-together?

Our first date was last weekend. We went to dinner, went to a lake festival, and then went for drinks. It lasted 6 1/2 hours and I really had a wonderful time. I invited him to my friend's Memorial Day Party the next weekend.

Today was the party and we had a blast! We stayed all day (8 hours), floating, boating, and having a great time with my friends. I even talked him into intertubing for the first time and he loved it!

As I walked with him to his truck (I stayed behind to help clean up my dishes I brought), he said he had a wonderful time and said "We should do this again sometime" in a really confidence-less voice. He then said, "I'm not good at this kind of stuff." I laughed it off, told him I could tell, but that it was okay. He started thinking about when he wanted to see me next (I told him it was his turn, since I invited him to this party) and he said his family (parents, sister, and brother-in-law) is having a party on Memorial Day and he'd love for me to come. I said, "Are you sure you want me to meet your parents? You just met my friends today." He said, "Yes, I'm sure. I'd love you to come. I was going to ask you earlier when I brought it up, but I thought it might be too soon to hang out today and Monday, but I love spending time with you."

I told him I would love to come and we hugged sincerely. He got another hug before he left. He text me when he got home and said I was an amazing person with an incredible personality. He said he liked taking things slow, was obviously not the best at dating, but that his heart was in the right place. He also said his family would love to have me if I wanted to come Monday.

What do you think his reason is for asking me to come? Is it too soon? Why does it feel right?


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  • It does indeed sound tooo soon. Because it may feel serious now, but there is still a lot to come, and it's usually good to wait a bit more (couple of months at least). Because imagine that it doesn't end right, if he does this with everyone, his parents will be meeting new people every other month :p

    But if you already accepted, make the best of it, and enjoy meeting them. You'll also know more about him that way.

    • Touche. That's on him. I think it's because he's always been in a committed relationship before he became single like he is now, so that isn't the case. Lol.

      He text me back a little while ago and said that he was happy that I wanted to go and that it meant a lot to him. Sounds like he's wanting approval from the parents. Lol.

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    • Oh, I didn't even mean that way. I meant it more on the emotion/feelings side.

    • Lol, well, neither that way either. 😊

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