What does "feminime" mean and why do guys like it?

What does a feminine person look like and act? I hear a lot of guys (especially on here) like that on a girl but I don't know what exactly it means? I personally am just myself and I'm pretty chill and stuff, I'm not saying I would change myself but I was just wondering what that meant. I also don't plan on having kids at all and I'm very ambitious/career/Goal oriented and I don't think I have any of those "feminine" traits as people say. Id say I'm a different person and I'm not like the rest of the people in a way it's hard to explain but I don't know like I said I'm just kinda myself and do what I want/think is right (in a good way) even guys I've talked to in the past have told me "I'm not like other girls and that they like it. I'm also a nice, friendly, confident, outgoing person who's just really chill by the way lol


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  • It means that a woman is a woman and not a "cute man".


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