So I met this guy through my friend about a month ago but we just recently became really close, about 2 weeks ago him, his friend, my friend and me all hung out after school at macdonalds and talked, later on my friend dared me to kiss him but I felt uncomfortable as this would've been my first kiss. he was nice about it and didn't push it, the subject changed and he had to leave to catch the bus, but before he left he quickly kissed me which surprised me and he said goodbye and left. about a week later we all hung out again by the school and he wanted to play truth or dare, we all agreed to play and I was dared to make out with him, so we did for about 10 seconds. he told me I he was surprised how good of a kisser I was and asked if we could all go get something to eat. I told him I should probably go home but he begged me to come with him so I finally agreed to go. the entire walk down he held my hand and didn't let it go. we even ran into his friends and he still kept my hand in his. finally i let go of it and I went with his friend to go grab some sushi and his friend asked when we were going to start dating, I just laughed and told him he doesn't like me like that and he told me I was crazy and that he hasn't kissed anyone since he kissed me the first time at macdonalds. I brushed it off and changed the subject. the next day my friend asked him if he liked me and he said he wasn't sure.
that is basically all that has happened so far. im just worried cuz I know he has done stuff in the past with other girls and I don't want to be used I guess, I don't know if he actually likes me or just wants to hook up.. any advice? thanks!


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  • I'd say it certainly seems like he likes you. Give him a chance and see where it goes is my advice.


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  • If you want to know how HE feels about you, then ask HIM how he feels.