My guy friend said "when you get over me, tell me so we can talk". What do I tell him next time I see him (Details below)?

So long story short, I was great friends with this guy and at one point I sort of developed feelings, he kind of thought we could be great together, but then changed his mind and said we should be friends. His current girlfriend was also jealous because we talked a lot and knew I liked him (we talked as friends, never crossed that barrier, would never do that) and we stopped talking for a month so that "I could get over him) (bullshit excuse, but anyways, he could've simply said he wanted to stop talking for a while so that she wouldn't be so jealous) so we did. After that month, we ended up together at the subway, we talked about some stuff, including why he started to ignore me. Then as he goes out of thr subway he whispers "tell me when you are over me, so that we can talk". Like wtf. Lol and i said I am over him and he said a more of ironic yeah.
Haven't talked to him since (that happened Thursday). And I was thinking of telling him the next time I see him something like "Here's the deal. I am over you, wanna believe it, fine. You don't believe it, fine. Do what tou want. I shouldn't have to try and stay in your life or keep you in mine if you don't want to"
Is that ok, or do you have any ideas?

I just realizes my short story ended up pretty long lol Imagine if I wrote the whole story.
He acts like we're 15yo, instead of solving things like normal adults, but anyways.
I want to be just friends again, we got along so well, and he thought the same (at least before we stopped talking).

Thank you in advance for your advice.


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What Guys Said 1

  • If you were over him, why would this situation bother you?

    • It bothers me that he went on again about that 'me getting over him' stuff. I didn't need the space, I've moved on fron guys while still being friends in the past, he needed it so he could work his stuff out.
      I don't have feelings for him anymore and he acts like I do.

    • If he isn't seeing the situation clearly, move on.

What Girls Said 2

  • I wouldn't bring it up to him again because then it seems like you care too much about what he thinks and it just feeds his ego (which wants to hang on to the idea that you still like him). You shouldn't initiate the next conversation about it. You just move on with your life and act normally.

    Let him bring it up, and when he comes to you and tries to talk about it, then just calmly and easily say, "Hey, look there's really nothing we need to talk about. I tried to tell you before, and I mean no offense, but it was just a passing interest and like I said I've been over it for a while. So no worries." Smile, and move on with the conversation, or walk away to do something else or talk to another person.

    The best way to get someone to understand you're over them is by acting like it. That means not talking with them about what happened, or about why it didn't work out, and it means keeping up with your social life, and talking and going out with other guys when you're ready.

    Good luck. Hopefully he gets it and stops being so irritating.

  • You are not over him or you would not have bothered with this question. What he said was reasonable and wise. When you are over him, then contact him.

    Simple. Why the drama?

    Sounds like you are mad he does not like you. That happens in life. Get over it and don't make his life difficult because of it.

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