Girls, Why do girls string you along?

Recently joined a dating website and went on my first date in years. Was with an Argentinian girl, we really got along as far as I could tell; spent the whole day with her. I really liked her. She mentioned she was traveling the next two weekends but maybe we could meet during the week.

Anyway to cut a long story short she led me on for the next two months, every excuse sounded completely genuine. I obviously knew after the first month what was happening.

Just to give her the benefit of the doubt I text her every so often. with positive reply’s? I even set up a date with her a month and a half in, which she cancelled the night before, mentioning that she really enjoyed our date and liked me but she wasn’t feeling well (home sick).

(Good person I am I left a note (saying I hope this helps with being homesick...) a flower and a bar of chocolate she mentioned she liked on the first date)

So eventually I had enough and I text her saying you know “you can tell me if you don’t want to see me again”

To which she replied I am dating someone!

Honestly I know it’s a bit sad considering, but it hurt so much I really liked her, despite only one date!

So my question is why couldn’t she tell me the truth straight away? Instead of stringing me along?

Do you think she was actually dating someone, which to me makes it worse? Or an attempt to soften the blow.

For the guys and girls reading this please just tell someone if you’re not interested! And thanks for any reply’s


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  • I'm going to be frank with you: she made those "legitimate" excuses not so see you because she didn't want to and was hoping that you would eventually get the picture. If someone begs out of a date more than once or twice, you can safely assume that they're not interested.

    When you told her she could say no, you finally gave her permission to be honest with you. She didn't want to go out again, and probably met whomever she's seeing shortly after going out with you.

    • Hi thanks for reply.

      I totally agree with what you are saying but why would she need permission to be honest?
      I would have been fine with her saying she didn't what to see me again?

    • Women are raised to believe that they should do everything possible to avoid making men angry, knowing that men have the potential to become violent when their feelings get hurt. So this leads us to avoiding the question to save people from awkward conversations and situations.

    • I suppose it makes sense.

      Thanks for your help! You are wise beyond your years :)

  • She sounds like someone who is emotionally immature and self-centered. Don't waste another minute of your life thinking about her. Move on, and live the moment :-)

  • dont know man. i had that happened to me to but I've met his siblings, friends and a couple-friend of him. just found out that he was dating this flight attendant chick from her instgram, blows. he can't even come clean about it eventho i asked him. i just dont get it. why pursue me at first, if i werent his type at all. im like a cutie, short legged, pre-vet student but sweet. just why?

    • Maybe its just a lack of empathy, I would like to think I would never do that to someone?
      Maybe we are too soft?

      Thanks for sharing, glad im not alone ;)